Special arrangements during studies

As a Diak student, you have a right to get special arrangements for your studies. The personal study plan should state any special arrangements that you might require. In order to have such arrangements made, please contact the study guidance counsellor on your campus.

However, if you require interpreting services, you need to obtain them yourself.

Students also have the option of using the support services Diak provides.

Special arrangements in teaching and learning situations

For example, special arrangements may include:

  • The possibility to obtain lecture material in advance;
  • The possibility to take extra time and/or to use a computer for completing an exam or assignment;
  • The possibility to voice record a teacher’s lecture provided that the teacher agrees to this. Note! The other students in the class must know about recording taking place. Discussions related to the lecture(s) must not be recorded. The recording is for the student’s own use only and it must not be distributed to any other party. Recording is always agreed upon in writing (two copies) by the student and the relevant lecturer. The voice recording agreement template is available in VSS, and the student must make sure to deliver it to the teacher in charge of the course. Video recording of lessons at Diak is not allowed.
  • The possibility to take an exam orally;
  • The possibility to take exams one part at a time.
  • The possibility to use the services of a personal assistant;
  • Special arrangements in the facilities;
  • The opportunity to check out audio books due to dyslexia.
  • Extended loan periods for exam books from the library.