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ICT services

Need help with Diakle? Is the campus printer out of order? ICT services will help you!

The ICT department assists Diak students in all questions related to our ICT systems and equipment and offers advice on equipment acquisitions and operation. The service is available at all of our campuses.

Instructions and FAQ

  • Instructions for using Diak’s ICT programmes can be found in the guide portal:
  • Answers to frequently asked questions can be found on the ICT Services FAQ page.

Quick links and online tools

  • Quick links to online programmes used by students can be found on the Quick links page.
  • At Diak, the learning platform for students is Diakle. In addition, students have access to Microsoft 365 cloud tools. Students must also use the study application Tuudo, which you can download from the app store.
  • The online lecture platform is Zoom, which requires a separate deployment. Instructions can be found at our guide portal.

ICT support

We offer local support on Diak’s campuses, but the easiest way to contact us is through the support portal, email or phone.

Service portal


Telephone service
029 469 6070, open Mon–Fri 8–15

In case of critical problems, it is advisable to call the service number or visit local support so that the issue can be resolved as quickly as possible. Otherwise, we welcome service requests in the service portal or by email.

If you notice any malfunctions in the ICT systems or problems with the operation of the equipment, please contact ICT support. You can also send us comments, feedback and development suggestions related to ICT issues.

Contact ICT support if you notice problems with Diak’s AV equipment, printers, local network, user ID or student email.

We cannot provide support for problems with users’ own devices, but we will do our best to help with study-related ICT issues related to their own devices. For example, installation of the Microsoft 365 suite, ICT problems, such as connecting laptops and phones to Diak’s network and various problems accessing Diak’s systems with your own devices are things that we are happy to guide you on.

We also help both students and visitors connect their own devices to our AV systems.