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General exams and undelivered assignments

This page contains instructions on how to attend a general exam and how to submit undelivered assignments.

General exam

General exams are organised approximately once a month (see below for dates).

Registration for exams

General exams are organized on campus.

Registration for exams is done by filling in the electronic registration formPlease register by filling in the electronic form at least 7 days before the exam, i.e. on the previous Thursday by 11:59 pm. Late registrations are not accepted. All students must register electronically.

You can take several exams on the exam retake day. In this case, please register for each individual exam separately. 

Exams taken in conjunction with courses are carried out in accordance with the place of execution marked in the schedules. In interpreting studies teacher will inform students on how the exams are organised.

What happens on the exam day?

General exams on campus

You will complete the exam on the general exam retake day between 4pm and 7pm. Please note that some exams may be shorter. Check the room for the exam from your schedule on Tuudo app or from the campus monitors. Please make sure you have your ID and writing supplies with you. 

General exam dates in autumn 2023

  • 10 August, 2023 on campus
  • 7 September, 2023 on campus
  • 12 October, 2023 on campus
  • 26 October, 2023 on campus
  • 16 November, 2023 on campus
  • 7 December, 2023 on campus

General exam dates in spring 2024

  • 11 January, 2024 on campus
  • 8 February, 2024 on campus
  • 7 March, 2024 on campus
  • 28 March, 2024 on campus
  • 18 April, 2024 on campus
  • 16 May, 2024 on campus
  • 6 June, 2024 on campus (Note! Assessment in August 2024)

The general exams start at 4pm.

Number of retake attempts

The first attempt is the exam date specified in the module delivery plan. You do not need to register for this exam unless you are specifically advised to do so.

According to the Degree Regulations, a student has two retake attempts unless otherwise agreed on special grounds with the examiner or module teacher. A passing exam grade cannot be retaken.

Special arrangements

If you have agreed on special arrangements with your study guidance counsellor, make sure you specify this in the form when you register for exams.

You are responsible for organising the special arrangements yourself. For example, if you need a computer for the exam, make sure you contact ICT services well in advance.

If the teacher or examiner is based on a different campus than the one where you will take the exam, please proceed as follows:

  1. Check the teacher’s or examiner’s home campus.
  2. Under Further Information in the form, write “I will take the exam at the ____ campus” in clear print.
  3. Send the form to the teacher or examiner as an email attachment no later than one week before the exam date.

Exam instructions on campus

1. Proof of identity

Please bring an official photo ID or student card to the exam. If you don’t have your ID with you, the exam supervisor cannot accept your exam submission. Your identity will be verified when you hand in your exam answers to the supervising teacher.

2. Writing supplies and other materials

Make sure you bring writing supplies and other necessary materials with you. If the use of dictionaries or other resources is permitted, it will be specified on the exam envelope. The use of calculators is not permitted in medication administration exams unless otherwise agreed with the examiner.

Leave your bags, coats, phones and other belongings on the side of the classroom.

3. Exam duration

The duration of exam retake sessions is three hours. The exam begins when the supervisor gives permission to open the exam envelopes. Students who arrive late will be admitted in the first 30 minutes of the exam.

The supervisor will specify the end time of the exam. You are not allowed to leave the exam room in the first 30 minutes of the exam.

The supervisors will give practical advice at the start of the exam session (e.g. bathroom breaks).

4. Assessment

Once the lecturer has evaluated your exam, the grade can be found on MyDiak.

Undelivered assignments

Complete and submit all pending assignments as instructed by your lecturer. If any assignments are pending 6 months after the end of the module, you should draft a plan to complete them and submit it to your study guidance counsellor. Your study guidance counsellor will approve it and add the plan in your contracts on MyDiak.

The assessment period is 1 month from the submission deadline. You should try to avoid submitting assignments late as changes to degree content and regulations may make it difficult.

Submission dates in autumn 2023

  • 11 August, 2023
  • 8 September, 2023
  • 13 October, 2023
  • 27 October, 2023
  • 17 November, 2023
  • 8 December, 2023

Submission dates in spring 2024

  • 12 January, 2024
  • 9 February, 2024
  • 8 March, 2024
  • 29 March, 2024
  • 19 April, 2024
  • 17 May, 2024
  • 7 June, 2024 (Note! Assessment in August 2024)

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