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Whistleblowing channel

The Finnish Whistleblower Act in accordance with the EU Directive on the Protection of Persons who Report Breaches of Union Law has since 2023 obligated organisations to provide an anonymous channel for reporting allegations of misconduct.

Diak has a whistleblowing channel which provides a secure and confidential service for anonymously reporting any suspected crime, misconduct or abuse.

The reports may concern:

  • bribery, corruption and money laundering
  • black economy
  • breaches of competition legislation or unfair competition
  • breaches of environmental and occupational safety legislation
  • breaches of data protection legislation
  • breaches of product, food and drug safety legislation
  • interference with the right of workers to organise
  • unilateral weakening of work duties
  • breaches of other legislation or our ethical principles

The whistleblowing channel is available for current and former Diak employees, job applicants, students and all external parties involved with Diak. The reports received through the channel are dealt by assigned users who launch the enquiry and investigation processes. The channel is provided by an external service provider to ensure its confidentiality. The system is encrypted and password protected. The whistleblowing channel is for reporting allegations of misconduct only. The channel is not intended for providing feedback.

You can access Diak’s Whistleblowing channel via Falcony.