General information for the students of Diak

On these pages you’ll find general information concerning studying at Diak:

  • What is the curricula of the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Social Services like?
  • What is the most important thing one should know about study entitlement?
  • How are language studies arranged?

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Language studies

The language studies of the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Social Services include study modules in Finnish, Swedish and English. See the exact information in the curriculum.

For specific reasons, Universities of Applied Sciences may exempt students from language proficiency requirements either totally or partially.

Information relating to grounds for exemption is available from language teachers and study guidance counsellors.

Applications for exemptions should be submitted to study guidance counsellors; they will finalise all applications with their respective students and language teachers so that the applications can be submitted to the Board of Examiners.

Open the application form on the Forms page.

Should a student be exempted from language studies, the total extent of his/her degree will not change. The acquisition of the credits left missing due to an exemption from language studies should be settled with a study guidance counsellor.

Please note that the exemption from language studies may be detrimental when job seeking.