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Accessibility statement and data protection

Accessibility statement

Diaconia University of Applied Sciences aims to ensure that the Finland abroad online service meets the requirements for accessibility as laid down in the Act on the Provision of Digital Services (306/2019). Read our accessibility statement.

Data protection in Diak

Data protection refers to the processing of personal data in a careful manner. Data protection concerns guidelines on best practices for the processing of personal data, and not data security per se. If personal data are collected, they must be held and processed with due care.

Diak will implement the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as of 25 May 2018. The regulation applies to data that directly or indirectly identifies a person. Special attention must be paid to the storage and confidentiality of sensitive data. Sensitive data include, for example, health-related information and information about religious, political or sexual orientation.

Data protection officer

According to the GDPR, the higher education institution must have a named data protection officer. The data protection officer is responsible for monitoring the legality of the processing of personal data and assists the higher education institution in its tasks relating to data protection.

The data protection officer serves as a contact with the oversight authority and supports staff and data subjects in questions relating to the processing of personal data.

Contact information

Data protection policy

View the Data Protection Policy of Diaconia University of Applied Sciences.

Your right of access

Do you want to access your personal data held by Diak or have your data rectified or erased? You can do so by submitting your request on an electronic form. We will reply to your request within 30 days from the receipt of the form.

If your request concerns the databases of Diak Library, please see the website of the Library and Information Services for further instructions.

Privacy Statements

In the privacy statements, we describe our data protection practices in the processing of personal data in more detail and contain information about the profiling of personal data carried out by Diak. If you would like more information about profiling or prohibit profiling based on your data, please contact the Data Protection Officer directly (contact details at the bottom of the page). Please contact us primarily with Diak’s email address, if you have one.

1. Registers of general and financial administration

2. Personal data register of human resources

3. Personal data register of security

4. Personal data register of IT

5. Personal data register of marketing and communications

6. International data register

7. Personal data register of education

8. Personal data register of Library

9. Personal data register of RDI projects

10. Data protection of projects administered by Diak