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ICT quick links and instructions for students

User credentials

Students login to all Diak systems with their username in format, with c12345 replaced by your own student username.

Your password to all Diak services is the same. You’ll find instructions for changing your password from this link.

Links to services

The links are in alphabetical order. Did you notice most of the links are also found at the bottom of this site, on the grey area?

Problems with logging in? Contact ICT services for help.

Diakle instructions

  • We recommend always using Google Chrome browser in Diakle.
  • For more Diakle instructions, see our instructions site.

Using our instructions site

The site serves guides and instructions to all our services for students and staff. That being said, the amount of guides in English is significantly smaller than in Finnish. If there is something sorely missing or inaccurate on the English side, please don’t hesitate to contact ICT services, preferably by email.

Other instructions