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Study guidance during your studies

Diak offers study guidance for students. Students may talk to a counsellor in confidence about their personal study plan or any issues concerning studies.

Study guidance counsellors

Appointments via MyDiak -> Appointments -> Varaa tapaamisaika.
Please note that 0/1 slots are free, 1/1 slots are already booked.

Sonja Hyrkkö
+358 (0)50 4481083,

Teacher-led tutoring

The tutor groups are formed at the beginning of studies, and tutoring takes place in groups for the duration of an academic year.

The groups meet more often at the beginning of studies – even as often as 4–5 times per term. Most Diak campuses offer tutor meetings 2–3 times per term.

Each student group has a teacher-tutor, who guides the group and also provides personal guidance. The key feature is that the students offer support to one another.

Diak wishes to arrange special working-life tutors, also called mentors, for tutor groups consisting of students in the church sector.

Such working-life tutoring strengthens students’ professional identities and provides them with good information about practical working-life situations. Working-life tutoring has also proved to be important for practical training and thesis projects.

The plan is to extend working-life tutoring to the social and health sector students as well. The tutor groups of the social and health sector students in Diak Helsinki have already had working-life tutoring.

In order to harmonise tutoring practices and to make tutoring more visible as a study achievement, Diak has established a model in which, in addition to group sessions, the teacher-tutor also conducts a development discussion with each student in his or her group during the first year of studies.

In the discussions, the teacher-tutor and students cover the progress of studies, check the students’ personal study plans, plan their practical training paths and discuss career paths.

The purpose of the development discussions is to help the students to commit to their studies so that they would progress as required in their study paths and career plans.