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Student insurance coverage

Diak students are covered by Diak’s accident insurance and travel insurance.

Accident insurance

Diak students are covered by Diak’s accident insurance. For the purposes of insurance, accident is a sudden, external occurrence that causes physical injury and is beyond the control of the insured.

The accident insurance covers curricular activities and journeys which are directly related to such activities. It does not cover accidents that take place off school hours.

Both accident insurance policies are valid anywhere in the world with the aforementioned exceptions.

Instructions in case of an accident

If the accident does not require immediate care, call Pia Juusela (Director of Student Affairs) p. +358 50 572 7753 or send email to get instructions and a certificate of insurance. The certificate of insurance must be made as soon as possible. You don’t have to contact the insurance company yourself, but report the accident to Pia Juusela first.

If the accident requires immediate care, seek medical attention from the nearest health center or hospital and state there that you are insured by Diak at LähiTapiola. After that, contact Pia Juusela as soon as possible.

Insurance during work placement

Diak students are covered by accident insurance also during work placements that are part of the degree programme. The placement provider is responsible for any losses or injuries suffered by third parties.

For example, patient injuries caused by health care students are covered by the workplace organisation’s insurance policy under the Patient Insurance Act (498/2019).

According to the Tort Liability Act (L1423/1991),

if a student in an educational establishment causes injury or damage to a third party while at work pertaining to the instruction, the enterprise on whose behalf the work was being performed shall be liable for damages. The work is considered to be performed on behalf of the enterprise when the enterprise is responsible for work supervision and management and benefits from the work being performed by the student.

If you commute to the work placement by car and have a traffic accident, you will be covered by Diak’s insurance policy, since the commute is comparable to a journey between home and a place of study.

If you transport customers as part of your work placement duties and have an accident, the workplace organisation is responsible for the vehicle and the transported customers. The student is covered by Diak’s accident insurance.

Travel insurance

In addition to accident insurance, students are also covered by Diak’s travel insurance. It includes personal travel cover, travel liability cover and legal expenses cover.

In addition, some costs related to a trip cancellation or interruption are also covered.

Possible additional personal insurance include e.g. life insurance and additional baggage insurance.