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Student’s mental wellbeing and support services

As a Diak degree student, you have access to a range of student wellbeing services from student counsellors and school pastors to workshops and support groups.

Visit the campus-specific pages to find out more about the services:

Student, contact us!

Would you like to discuss matters concerning your wellbeing and carrying on with your life and studies? With this contact form you can ask for personal contact with student support services in Diak. All information you send is handled confidentially. The form is for Diak students.

Student counsellor services

Students may talk to a student counsellor in confidence about social and financial issues and issues related to their studies. It is advisable to talk to the counsellor if problems occur that can distract a student from studying.

Personal matters may influence the progress and motivation of students and their studies. Students may be troubled by e.g. issues related to personal relationships, circumstances at the school or even their income.

A student counsellor provides the opportunity for students to discuss these issues confidentially with a professional, guiding and supporting students in their different circumstances.

University supports! The support services offered by the OHJY project

The Wellbeing Through Counselling (Ohjauksella hyvinvointia, OHJY) project enhances the wellbeing and sense of community amongst university students, as well as offers university personnel concrete tools to support the students with.

The support services are targeted to all Diak students across all campuses unless stated otherwise in the description for each service.

Prioritise your wellbeing and check the support services offered by OHJY from below!

See you on campus!

The studies return to campuses after a couple of years of distance learning. You are welcome to join on Tuesdays (starting March 8th) from 3pm to 4.30pm to chat, catch up, spend time and have a cup of coffee or tea. Thoughts and feelings about returning to campus and the current war situation in the world can be very mixed and different feelings can surface. Remember, however, that all emotions are allowed!

There is a  Student Counsellor on campus to meet you and also student trainees from Wellbeing Through Counselling (Ohjauksella hyvinvointia, OHJY) project. We´ll meet in room 427. You are warmly welcome!

More information:

Student Counsellor Maarit Heusala:

Wellbeing workshops for student groups

When necessary, meetings regarding more acute matters can be arranged for students, as well as meetings to support those who have recently started their studies or are close to graduation.


Support is offered in collaboration with responsible teachers, Study Guidance Counsellors and Student Counsellors according to individual needs.

Contact person:

Student Councellor Maarit Heusala,

A friend online

As studies are mostly taking place remotely, many students have expressed increased feelings of loneliness. The ”A friend online” activity gives you an opportunity to let us know of your need to connect and find a peer study friend.


Fill in the application form in Tuudo: Tuudo -> Wellbeing -> Diak’s student’s wellbeing -> Diak -> A friend online

More information:

Student Counsellor Maarit Heusala:

Support for teamwork (Helsinki Campus, first year Social Services and Health Care students)

Teamwork and group assignments have been experienced as more challenging than before when carried out remotely. The activity aims to improve students’ group work skills.

When necessary the activity is aimed at first year social work and health care students. The main focus in on utilizing peer skills and knowledge, which is why the activity has been developed in cooperation with lecturers and student counsellors, as well as OHJY project students interns and peer mentors.


The activity is arranged according to the times marked in student schedules. No separate sign up necessary.

More information:

Student Counsellor Maarit Heusala:

Study Buddy support

Different forms of peer support, such as the Study Buddy program, are developed in the OHJY project. Would you like to act as a Study Buddy or participate in other peer support activities and support others and/or receive support yourself?


Student Counsellor Maarit Heusala: or Study Guidance Counselor Sonja Hyrkkö: