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For partners & developers

Working solutions

Do you want to be involved in forecasting, steering and leading the future of your field or workplace? Diak’s trainers, researchers, developers and innovators can offer solutions for developing your skills and workplace and finding answers to today’s pressing societal problems through tailor-made services and joint development projects.

RDI services

Our research, development and innovation activities are primarily focused on the health and social care sector, church organisations and interpreting. We produce new solutions, research and publications for the development of education, working life and leadership.

Project collaboration

Diak is an experienced, bold and experimental project partner, ready to explore new frontiers. Each year we carry out dozens of R&D projects as a project administrator or in collaboration with our partners with external funding.

Development tools

Our development tools and indicators can help you find new ways of working and produce highly impactful services.

DiakHub co-development

Does your work involve challenges that call for a multidisciplinary team and the development of your service system? DiakHub is a competence hub designed for collaborative solving of wicked problems relating to well-being, health and employment.


Diak publications are grouped into four series: Diak Teaches, Diak Speaks, Diak Research, and Diak and Working Life. Dialogi is the online medium of Diaconia University of Applied Sciences. It features thought-provoking articles and blogs and commentaries on current topics. At the moment it is only available in Finnish.

Open science

Diak’s RDI activities are underpinned by the principles of open science and research and the guidelines of the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity on responsible conduct of research and procedures for handling allegations of misconduct.