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Are you interested in working in the fields of health care and social services? Get to know our degree programmes and find out about the application process on the subpages.

Application periods in spring 2020

You can apply to our Bachelor’s degree programme in Social Services in the Joint Application to Higher Education, Spring 2020, on 8–22 January 2020.

Our Bachelor’s degree programme in Health Care, Nursing is not part of the joint application process. We organise a separate application to this programme on 8–28 January 2020 with Arcada University of Applied Sciences.

During the Joint application to Finnish/Swedish degree programmes, spring 2020, you can apply to our Finnish-taught Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programmes in social services and health care. Please see our Finnish website for information on this application period.

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Student testimonials

Our students see Diak as a learning community that provides diverse skills for the world of work. Our students learn to encounter people who are in difficult life situations on an equal basis and tackle social injustice.

According to our students, studying at Diak gives them opportunities to make the world a better place.

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