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Frequently asked questions about ICT services

Did you check out the Quick links page? You’ll find links to most of our systems there.

1. How do I use Zoom?

You’ll find all Zoom-related guides here.

2. What IT services can I use as a student at Diak?

The main systems our students use include Diakle (Moodle) and Microsoft365, as well as databases and e-books provided by the library through the Finna service. Computers available on Diak campuses are Windows PCs that have M365 in addition to basic software for all common tasks.

The M365 package includes Outlook, OneDrive, Teams and all classic Office apps. You can work with M365 directly on your browser, or you can download the more comprehensive desktop app package onto your device. Your Microsoft365 account and license are active as long as your studies are.

Every student has the same services available regardless of how or what they are studying.

3. Do I need my own computer?

Students are expected to have their own computers. From June 2024 onwards, there will no longer be laptop stations on campuses to borrow devices from. There is a very limited amount of PC workstations on campuses.

Please note that we strongly advise against using a Chromebook for studies.

4. How do I use printers on campus?

You’ll find instructions for using our printers, from both Diak devices and your own, on the instructions site.

5. How do I log into Diakle?

Go to Diakle and log in using the long form of your user ID (e.g. and your password.

6. I have forgotten my password, what should I do?

Your best course of action is to use the Diak Identity Service. If that causes problems, contact our helpdesk.


7. How do I login to Diakle? Or MyDiak? Or Microsoft365?

You might find this info at the Quick links page.

8. Where can I find the Zoom room for my course?

If a Zoom session has been created for your course, you can access it from the Diakle page of the course.

9. How do I access the course area in Diakle?

You can find your courses in Diakle in the My courses section in the upper right corner about two weeks before the course starts. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, it’s a good idea to contact the course teacher.

10. How do I log into Eduroam?

1. Go to the page and download Eduroam for your device.

2. Open the app, select Diaconia University of Applied Sciences from the list, and login with your short username (e.g. c12345 without the @ part).

For MacOS, you’ll have to install a .mobileconfig profile from another page, which also requires logging in with your short username.