Frequently asked questions about ICT services

1. What IT services can I use as a student at Diak?

The main systems our students use include Diakle, Office365 and MS Office, and databases and e-books provided by the library. Diak’s computers are Windows PCs, which have basic software for all common tasks.

2. I have forgotten my password, what should I do?

You can get a new password by visiting the helpdesk of any Diak campus during opening hours or by requesting support by emailing

The password will be sent to the phone number you have given for the student information system. Make sure you include your contact information and user ID in the support request, or bring proof of identity when visiting the helpdesk.

3. How can I print from my own computer on campus?

Send the file to be printed as an attachment from your student email address to This method works best with PDF files. If your document is in another format or contains complex formatting, it is best to email it to yourself and print it from one of Diak’s computers.

4. How do I log into Diakle?

Go to Diakle and log in using the short form of your user ID (e.g. and your password.

5. Do I need my own computer?

It is not mandatory to have your own computer, but it will make your life a lot easier. Diak offers workstations and, where possible, laptops which can be borrowed for a day.

6. How do I log into the Office365 portal?

The Office365 portal can be accessed at using these instructions.

7. Where can I find the Collaborate room for my course?

If a Collaborate room has been created for your course, you can access it from the Diakle page of the course.

8. How do I access the course area in MoodleRooms?

If you haven’t yet registered as a user for the course area in Diakle, you can locate the course by clicking “All courses” and searching by the course title. You may have to register using the course key, which can be requested from the course lecturer. If you are already registered for the course, you can find it in the “My courses” menu.

9. How do I log into Eduroam?

You can log in with the organisation’s user ID, which is in the following format: Further information about Eduroam and how to log in is available here.