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Tuudo – a mobile app for students

Tuudo is a mobile app to make your student life simpler. On Tuudo, you can find important services for students:

  • Digital student ID card that you can use to prove that you are eligible for various services, such as Kela’s meal subsidy and VR and Matkahuolto discounts
  • Schedules
  • Your completed studies and grades
  • Campus maps
  • Diak’s student services
  • Student restaurant menus on your campus
  • Library card

Tuudo works on Android and iOS devices. You can download it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

How to activate your digital student ID card

You can activate your digital student ID card after downloading Tuudo and logging in with your Diak credentials. You will find your student card on the left-hand column below Diak’s logo. To activate your card, you need to add your photo to the identifier.

After activating the card, you do not need a separate Kela meal subsidy card or separate discount certificates for public transportation, such as HSL. Please note that Kela’s meal subsidy cards will only be given out in exceptional situations (e.g. exchange students). 

Using Tuudo’s digital student ID card does not prevent you from using other student identifiers.

You also have to continue following the news on Diakle as Tuudo does not replace it.

Download Tuudo user manual here.