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Arrangements for the fall semester at Diak

Diak has started to take down some of the restrictions caused by corona virus. The fall semester will start in August with a combination of distance learning and classroom studies.

Autumn 2020 semester student exchanges cancelled

Diak has decided to cancel all autumn 2020 semester student exchanges due to the corona pandemic.

Diak’s campuses will open on the 1st of June

Diak is starting a gradual recovery from the corona restrictions. Diak will open all the campuses for students on the 1st of June. On the same date the library and information services’ customer service will open. Student office and ICT- services are functioning mainly online for the summer but local service is also available if needed. The general spaces on campuses are also partly available for guests that aren’t a part of any risk group.

Voluntary work study module available for students – registration will continue until 27th April

We have opened a new study module to help current crises situation: Voluntary work (5 or 10 ECTS) The study module is an elective. Read more

Student’s support services (in Helsinki)

You can contact your student counsellor in crises, mental health and emotional well-being matters. You can do it by phone, Collaborate  or e-mail. You Read more

The cancellation of placements and compensatory studies: A new study module

A NEW STUDY MODULE has been added: * VET volunteer work (registration during 1.-30. April; the course starts flexibly in April­-May) More information:

Pandemic work and replacements

If students have done pandemic work in their work place, we can accept that either entirely or partially to their placements during the state of emergency. Read more

Instructions for Open UAS students during the state of emergency

1. Extending the right to study  If the modules you enrolled on for this spring are moved to a later time (e.g. some simulations), your study entitlement will be extended so that you can finish your studies.  In this case, please contact the Open Read more

The autumn 2020 student exchanges

The coronavirus pandemic might affect the autumn 2020 student exchanges. There will be an info session about this 25 May 2020 10-12 o’clock at Read more

General exam retakes to go online

Registration for online exams Due to campus closures, general exam retakes will take place on Moodle. Registration for the exams will be done by filling in the electronic registration form. Diak is yet to determine how the written exams in Swedish will be organised. Please note that there could be new regulations concerning this that apply to all universities of applied sciences. The lecturer responsible for the module will Read more