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There is a lot of demand for English-language Bachelor’s degree programmes in health and social services

The first joint application of the spring ended on Wednesday January 17th. The English-language Bachelor’s degrees of the Diaconia University of Applied Sciences attracted applicants again well.

Apply now for BA degree programmes in Diak

There are 80 study places in two bachelor’s degrees conducted in English at Diaconia University of Applied Sciences. Bachelor’s Degree in Social Services(Helsinki campus, Read more

Apply by 4th August for BA degree programme in Nursing

Did you apply in the joint application in spring 2022 to Social and Health Care field but did not get a study place? Student selection in this separate application is based on the performance in the International UAS exam, which was organized in January – March 2022. You can apply with your International UAS exam result.

Study a Master’s Degree in Global Change and Community Development

Separate application for Master’s Degree in Global Change and Community Development takes place from 5 until 19 April.

First joint application has ended – number of applicants to Diak increased from last year

The first joint application for higher education in Finland ended on January 19, 2022.

Apply now for BA and MA degree programmes in Diak

Joint application to higher education degree programmes starts on 5 and ends on 19 January 2022 at 3pm Finnish time.

Student selection for UAS programmes conducted in English reformed – new joint entrance exam

Student selection procedures for Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) study programmes conducted in English are being developed into a more uniform and streamlined direction. In recent years, several entrance exams have been in use for UAS study programmes conducted in English. From the applicant’s perspective, this has been perplexing and complicated.

Get a Master’s Degree – apply this spring!

Have you considered taking the next step in your career? By studying Master’s Degree you deepen specialized expertise and skills and acquire same qualifications as university’s Master’s Degrees.  

Apply now for Bachelor’s degree programmes Diak’s at the joint application

The First Joint Application to higher education in spring 2021 starts on 7 and ends on 20 January at 15 o’clock in 2021. 

Answer Diak’s applicant survey!

We have made a short survey for Diak’s applicants.