Come and enjoy a free Christmas porridge lunch on your campus!

Did you know that Diak turns 25 years old this year? To celebrate the occasion, we are offering our students a free Christmas porridge lunch on each of our campuses.

Student feedback ‒ an important part of teaching development in Diak

Last spring, we asked Diak’s first- and third-year students to answer to a teaching feedback survey. We have now reviewed all the results and identified necessary development measures that are listed here in this article. Thank you to all students who gave their feedback!

Diak’s carbon footprint was reduced last year

Diak’s carbon footprint has now been calculated for the first time. A comparison between 2019 and 2020 shows that Diak’s carbon emissions fell by more than a tonne per worker. The calculation has been carried out through a carbon footprint calculator published by Arene – the Rectors’ Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences, jointly produced by the universities of applied sciences.

Alumni – Apply to Diak’s Mentoring Program!

We are looking for alumni mentors for Diak’s final year students. The alumni acts as a mentor for Diak’s current student, guiding them towards graduation and working life.

Zekki competes for the win of European Social Innovation competition

Zekki is one of the 10 finalists who are competing for the win of the European Union’s Social Innovation Competition (EUSIC). At Diak developed Zekki digital service promotes young people’s wellbeing and seek for social services.

With Higher Education Towards Sustainable Development in Tanzania

Higher education has an important role in developing sustainable communities. The international BUSCO project develops higher education in collaboration with Tanzanian universities, and creates a framework for continuous development. Diak’s publication describes the implementation and results of the international BUSCO project in Tanzania.

The Diak campus structure will be renewed in 2023

The Board of Directors of Diaconia University of Applied Sciences has unanimously decided at its meeting on 26 October 2021 to renew the Diak campus structure in accordance with a presentation by CEO, Rector Elina Juntunen.

Student selection for UAS programmes conducted in English reformed – new joint entrance exam

Student selection procedures for Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) study programmes conducted in English are being developed into a more uniform and streamlined direction. In recent years, several entrance exams have been in use for UAS study programmes conducted in English. From the applicant’s perspective, this has been perplexing and complicated.

Student wellbeing gets the spotlight! Take a survey to make an impact on student support services

Student, take a survey and get your voice heard regarding student support services! Services for student support and wellbeing will be developed based on the survey results.

Did you graduate from Diak in 2016? Answer to the career monitoring survey!

The national career monitoring survey of universities of applied sciences is used to gather information on the employability of graduates, the whole of their careers and their satisfaction with their careers and degrees. The survey will be sent to all those who completed their university of applied sciences studies five years ago, i.e., graduated in 2016. By answering to the survey you help us develop our education.