Diak introduces electronic study guide

Diak’s new electronic study guide gathers the curricula of different studies and degree programmes.

“I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much time outside”

The 3IN Alliance offers exchanges for students. Find out what Annika’s exchange experience was like in Diak, Finland.

Diak takes part in the #IAmAntiracist campaign

The campaign, coordinated by the Ministry of Justice in Finland and the Equality Ombudsman of Finland, aims to raise awareness of racism and anti-racism in order to encourage actions to address racist situations.

Become a Diak ambassador!

We are now recruiting new, enthusiastic Diak ambassadors from our students to tell about their studies and to market Diak on our social media channels, school visits and events during the autumn semester.

Apply for International Exchange!

Application period for international exchange has opened.

Rector’s greeting in the beginning of a new study year

Diak’s CEO and Rector Elina Juntunen’s greeting for students in the beginning of a new academic year:

Diak to commence co-operation negotiations 

Diak will commence co-operation negotiations on the campus structure and operational reorganisation in accordance with Chapter 8 of the Act on Co-operation within Undertakings. The procedure is necessary due to financial, production and operational reorganisation reasons. 

Information for students concerning the results of the meeting of Diak’s Board of Directors on 11 May 2021

The Board of Directors of Diaconia University of Applied Sciences has in its meeting on 11 May 2021 discussed alternatives for Diak’s future geographical campus models. The Board reviewed ten alternatives as presented by Diak’s CEO, Rector Elina Juntunen.

Alumnus, take part in the alumni poll!

Alumni poll is a questionnaire targeting Diak graduates. The poll takes place every two years and it aims at developing Diak’s alumni activities.

Diak’s campuses are closed until 11 April 2021 

Because the corona situation remains alarming in Finland, Diak’s task force on corona situation has decided that campuses remain closed until 11 April 2021. The task force decided earlier that the campuses are closed between 8 and 28 March. According to the update, the campuses will be opened 12 April 2021.