Student wellbeing gets the spotlight! Take a survey to make an impact on student support services

Student, take a survey and get your voice heard regarding student support services! Services for student support and wellbeing will be developed based on the survey results.

Co-developing higher education in Nepal and Vietnam

Diak is involved in DVINE-project that promotes well-being, health, and dignity of people in Nepal and Vietnam by developing curricula and pedagogical approaches, as well as by building capacity in higher education institutions. The DVINE consortium includes 7 universities from Finland, Norway, Turkey, Nepal, and Vietnam.

Covid-19 pandemic decreases the welfare of students – Diak and its partners received funding for developing support and guidance services

The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture has granted higher education institutions and student unions a funding of six million euros in total for strengthening student welfare, guidance and support. Out of this sum, Diak and its partners have received 808 500 euros in total for improving student welfare services.