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Study in cooperation with workplace organisations

Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR, in Finnish OSKE) serves as a dialogue space for students and workplace organisations.

Workplace organisations offer our students learning assignments, development projects and thesis topics as well as opportunities for more broad-based collaboration.

As a Diak student, you have opportunities to participate in participatory development activities in which workplace representatives collaborate with Diak by offering student projects, Bachelor’s thesis topics, etc. The events are excellent networking opportunities.

Participatory and research-based development describes the principles that provide the basis for collaboration between Diak, our students and organisations.

Students get involved by participating in workplace development projects. Community-based participatory collaboration is strongly linked, but is not exclusive, to thesis projects.

How do I get involved?

Students are recruited to activities through community partnership events (OSKE events) and other events. The activities can be virtually anything that serves the needs of a workplace organisation, project or voluntary work.

Cooperation initiatives are usually proposed by workplace organisations. If you have an idea, be proactive and get in touch with a suitable workplace contact to start the ball rolling.

CBPR workshops and community workshops are for existing collaborations involving joint development activities to serve the needs of workplace organisations and learners.

They are based on the joint objectives of Diak and our workplace partners and organised by individual faculties.

To ensure that participatory research-based development is as easy and smooth as possible, the collaboration should be aligned with the learning objectives of your studies.

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