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Community partnerships

Would you like to utilise the skills of UAS students to develop your operations? Are you interested in sharing your knowledge and expertise with future professionals? Get involved in our community partnership activities in Finland!

Community-Based Participatory Research approach forms the basis for collaboration between Diak, our students and workplace organisations. Development activities are based on a tripartite model: organisations (incl. projects and NGO:s), staff and students work together.

At Diak, collaboration with the world of work is focused around social care, health, diaconal and interpreting sectors. Workplace organisations can offer our students learning assignments, development projects and thesis topics or get involved in more broad-based collaboration.

How to get involved

Diak campuses organise regular community partnership events, which offer industry representatives opportunities to network and build cooperation with Diak in the form of student projects, Bachelor’s degree thesis projects and more.

Our collaboration can start from smaller assignments or events and continue onto development and research activities implemented as a thesis project. You can recruit students at various stages of study.

Our collaboration can involve operational development and assessments, analyses of existing data, new team set-ups, the development of a specific tool, or information gathering exercises.

The best way to get started is to agree on coordination with a liaison teacher (senior lecturer) who can discuss cooperation options in relation with different studies and practical arrangements.

Contact us!

If you are interested in our activities or in finding a liaison teacher, get in touch with us at