Graduation dates are provided monthly during the autumn and spring term:

  • Autumn term: August, September, October, November, and December
  • Spring term: January, February, March, April, May, and June

Graduation days fall on the last weekday of the month.

However, graduation ceremonies are arranged twice a year: in May for students who graduated during the spring and in December for students who graduated during the autumn.

See the graduation schedule and the important dates below:

Thesis submission and graduation schedule for the year 2022

Thesis submission and graduation schedule for the year 2021

The registration instructions for the certificates ceremony will be announced in Diakle and Tuudo.

How to apply for a diploma?

A student can apply for a diploma about three weeks before their graduation day. The student may apply for the diploma when their transcript of records contains all the required credits. Please apply for a diploma by filling in the form on MyDiak under the section Studies.

If the graduation takes place in May, June or December, the student may apply for the diploma even if all the modules on the personal study plan do not show as completed on the transcript.

If you wish to graduate in May, June or December, please pay attention to the status of the studies you are currently completing under your personal study plan. Your study guidance counsellors will help you assess your situation.

You may obtain your diploma from the study office no earlier than your graduation day. If you do not wish to obtain your diploma in person, it will be posted to you on the next business day.

Social care professionals

All students graduating as Bachelors of Social Services are required to contact the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira) directly to request to be added to the central register of health care professionals.

Further information concerning social care professionals (in Finnish) is available on Valvira’s website.

Give feedback and answer the AVOP survey!

Students have the possibility to give feedback on their studies by answering the AVOP survey. Log in the survey using your own UAS credentials. Fill in the survey just before you graduate.

The survey collects data concerning teaching, learning, international issues, working life connections, practical training, theses and student satisfaction. The responses will be used for developing the work of Diak and other universities of applied sciences nationally.

Find valuable tips for the job search process via Career Planning website.