Recognition of prior learning (RPL)

As a student at Diak, you can apply for the recognition of prior learning and credit transfer regardless of where, how and when your prior learning took place.

In the RPL process, the student’s existing competences are compared with the intended learning outcomes of Diak’s curriculum.

The process is only available to degree students who are registered as attending students.

Students usually apply for a credit transfer towards a whole module or course.

The RPL process generally takes place at the start of the degree programme in conjunction with the approval of the personal study plan, but the application can also be submitted at a later stage.

Application schedule

The next RPL application period is 23 August–30 September 2021. Applications will be submitted via MyDiak.

Application guidelines

The guidelines for RPL application are available at Screensteps.

Teachers responsible of RPL

Before submitting an RPL application please check which Diak teacher will process your application. RPL applications for elective studies are addressed to Study Guidance Counsellor Sonja Hyrkkö.