Information for new students

This page will be updated closer to the start of studies in autumn 2022.

Welcome to study at Diak!

Please visit the subpages to find information on starting your studies in our Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes.

Confirm your study place by 16.7.2021

In order to confirm your admission, please complete the following four steps:
1. Confirm offered study place
2. Register for the academic year 2021-22
3. Submit copies of your educational certificates
4. Check of the original certificates

1. Confirm the offered study place by 16.7.2021

Confirm your study place by using the link in your confirmation email or by logging in to the Oma Opintopolku / My Studyinfo service. You need to confirm your study place by 16 July 2021, 3pm (Finnish time) or you will lose it.

If you are unable to confirm your study place online, please contact the Admission Services.

Before confirming your study place, be aware of the one study place per term provision.

Please note that if you have to pay the tuition fee, you will be notified of this separately. The tuition fees at Diak:

  • Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Social Services, €4000 per academic year
  • Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Health Care, Nursing, €5000 per academic year
  • Master’s degree programmes, €6000 per academic year

2. Register for the academic year 2021–2022 by 16.7.2021

After confirming your study place, you have to register as attending or non-attending for the academic year 2021–2022 by 16 July 2021, 3pm (Finnish time). Register as attending or non-attending at the Oma Opintopolku / My Studyinfo service.

If you are unable to register using the service, please contact the Admission Services.

Please note that you can only register as non-attending for your first academic year on certain legal grounds:

You can register as non-attending for the first academic year only for the following reasons:

  • If you are unable to begin your studies due to illness or disability and will be non-attending for one semester or the whole academic year.
  • If you are on maternity leave, paternity leave or parental leave
  • If you need to complete military service, civilian service or voluntary military service for women in Finland.

Please note that if you have to pay the tuition fee, you cannot register for the academic year before you have paid the fee.

3. Submit copies of your educational certificates by 16.7.2021

If you did not attach copies of your educational certificates (the ones that you used in the joint application process) to your online application form when you sent your application, please do it as soon as possible, by 16 July 2021, 3pm.

You can access your application through the Oma Opintopolku / My Studyinfo service Click on Proceed to applications and log in with Finnish bank identification codes, mobile certificate or certificate card. After logging in, choose the correct application form and upload your copies to the section called Certificates required in connection with student selection (UAS).

If you are unable to log in to the service, you may also submit the copies by email at If you use email, please take into account IT security matters.

If an applicant has provided false information and would not have been eligible for admission on the basis of correct information, Diak may reverse the decision of admission. In addition, if an applicant does not provide copies within the given time, Diak may reverse the decision of admission.

Even if you register as non-attending, you must provide copies of your certificates.

4. Checking original certificates at the start of your studies

Your admission is conditional until your certificates have been checked and copies have been compared to the original documents.

During the first two weeks of studies, the originals of your educational certificates, which you used in the joint application process, will be compared to the copies you submit.

Take the original certificates with you on the first day of studies. If you do not submit the original certificates for verification, Diak may reverse the decision of admission.

If you register as non-attending, the original certificates will be checked when you commence your studies.


Starting your studies at Diak

Starting your studies in the autumn 2021

You will find detailed information on starting your studies on the pages of your degree programme:

Absence in the first academic year

According to the Universities of Applied Sciences Act (see English translation), section 29, you can register as non-attending in your first academic year for the following grounds:

  1. service under the Conscription Act (1438/2007), Non-Military Service Act (1446/2007), or Act on Women’s Voluntary Military Service (194/1995)
  2. maternity, paternity or parental leave
  3. incapacitation by personal illness or injury (Act 325/2015).

Due to Corona pandemic you may register as non-attending for the academic year 2021-2022 if you are hindered from entering Finland due to regulations set by the authorities.

To prove the legal grounds for your absence, please submit one of the following documents to the Admission Services by 16 July 2021, 3pm (Finnish time).

  1. a call-up order
  2. Kela’s certificate regarding maternity, paternity or parental allowance period or, if the certificate has not yet been received, a medical certificate regarding the pregnancy
  3. Sickness allowance decision or, if no decision exists, a medical certificate. The medical certificate must state which illness or injury the student suffers from, and that this condition prevents the student from beginning their studies on 1 August 2021. Obstacles caused by the practical arrangements required by the illness or injury: an adequate clarification, e.g. a certificate from the student housing foundation that the student is on the waiting list for an apartment required by his or her injury. Student’s own notification is not an adequate clarification.

If you do not submit your document by the deadline given above, you will be registered as attending for the academic year.

Apply for residence permit if needed

Non-EU/EEA students need a student residence permit. You can begin the student residence permit application online at Remember that you must personally visit a Finnish embassy or consulate as part of this process.

Start your residence permit process as soon as possible, carefully following the immigration authorities’ instructions and regulations, so that you can receive your permit in good time before your studies begin!

You can find detailed information and advice on the residence permit requirements and procedures on the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) website.

NB! Missions of the Finnish Ministry for Foreign affairs have restricted the receiving and processing of residence permit applications due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

While abroad, you can still submit your application through the Finnish Immigration Service’s Enter Finland online service. Your application will be accepted for processing once the exceptional arrangements are no longer in effect and you have identified yourself.

Please follow the Finnish Immigration Service’s Corona page for further updates.

Please follow Studyinfo’s COVID-19 information page for further updates.

Step-by-step guide for starting your immigration process during COVID-19 outbreak:

  1. Prepare for the application by checking you have all the necessary attachments and information before you begin.
  2. Create your user account in Enter Finland online service
  3. Fill in the application form for student residence permit carefully and accurately. Also attach all the required documents. This will help the Immigration service when they will process your application later.
  4. Please follow the bulletins issued by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs on the ministry’s web page. Book a time for identification immediately when the Ministry for Foreign Affairs has announced that the exceptional arrangements are no longer in effect. You can find a list of Finland’s embassies and other missions online.
  5. Pay and submit your application
  6. Visit the selected authority to identify yourself
  7. Follow the processing of your application

Studies during COVID-19 pandemic

Please follow regularly Diak’s corona update at

Finnish authorities recommend a 14-day self-quarantine for all persons arriving from abroad. Please check the latest guidelines from the website of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, FINENTRY and Finavia.

Information regarding the teaching arrangements in the fall semester 2021 will be published as soon as possible. In the autumn 2020 Diak applied a so-called hybrid model: there was more distance learning than normally. In the spring 2021 most of the teaching was online.

Safety guidelines are in use on our campuses. Check them out at our Corona situation website.

Healthcare fee for students

Starting in 2021, students who study for a bachelor’s or a master’s level degree from a university of applied sciences are entitled to use the services of the Finnish Student Health Service (YTHS).

The mandatory healthcare fee for higher education students is paid to Kela. Read more about the services of the Finnish Student Health Service and the healthcare fee for higher education students paid to Kela.

You can also watch a video about the YTHS services.

Student card and student union

Tuudo, a mobile app for students, is available for degree students at Diak. Tuudo offers a digital student ID card that brings you a number of student services and discounts.

The student union for all Diak students is called O’Diako. For information on how to become a member, please visit the O’Diako website.

How to get to the campus

You can get quite close to the campus by trams 6 and 8 and buses 55 and 56. There is no parking available but there is plenty of room for bicycles.

Kalasatama metro station is about 15 minutes’ walk from the campus.

Diak Helsinki Campus
Kyläsaarenkuja 2, 00580 Helsinki
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Student housing

Student housing in the Helsinki area is offered by HOAS​, The Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region.

Living in Helsinki

Welcome to Helsinki website gives you useful information about living in Helsinki.