Quality management at Diak

Quality management refers to the practices of monitoring, maintaining and developing the quality of the higher education institution’s operations.

At Diak, the aim is that quality management should be an intrinsic part of the everyday activities of both staff members and students and support open and interactive culture across all our activities.

Diak’s quality system provides the framework and defines the responsibilities and measures of continuous development. The quality system covers all functions of the UAS, from its core tasks to support services and management.

Each staff member and student contributes to the quality of Diak’s operations.

Continuous development

The quality system is based on the cycle of continuous improvement, which consists of operational planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and development.

Quality work is closely linked to Diak’s strategy and the associated targets and annual resource planning. The quality system supports Diak’s strategic aims.

The provision of reliable monitoring and assessment data is an important part of the quality system. In addition to the monitoring of statistics and target outcomes, feedback from students, staff members and stakeholders is also an important source of information. Feedback provides the basis for our operational development.

Diak participates in the quality system audit of the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre every six years and develops its quality system based on the auditors’ recommendations.


Development and Quality Specialist Merja Merasto
+358 (0)50 350 1916, merja.merasto@diak.fi