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Alumni – you are important to us!

As a former student or employee of our higher education institution, you are an important part of Diak’s network and contacts with the world of work. We invite you to share your expertise and network with other professionals of your field as a member of our alumni community and with our current students.

Alumni activities at Diak focus on a wide range of training and seminar offerings. We invite our alumni both to participate and as experts ti events. Our alumni have the opportunity to network, make new contacts and meet acquaintances from years ago.

Make the most of your Diak network and find the best way for you to be a Diak alumnus.

Join the alumni community!

As an alumnus, you are part of the Diak alumni community. As a registered alumni, news, webinars and information about upcoming events can reach you anywhere in Finland or the world if you wish. Register as an alumni today!

As a registered alumnus you will receive a newsletter published four times a year, as well as information on current further education opportunities and events.

Through alumni’s own Facebook group, you can reach out to your old fellow students, network with other alumni, or hear about interesting job opportunities. Join the alumni Facebook group!

Alumni activities at Diak

Alumni activities and its alumni community form a large network of experts. Through the alumni network, it is easy to put good tips and new information into sharing. Through our alumni activities, we offer alumni the opportunity to network with professionals in the field, participate in lecture visits and alumni panels, and act as support for Diak’s students, for example through the Mentoring Program.

Explore alumni events, continuing education opportunities, and opportunities to support students and find your own way to participate.

Research and development

Does your workplace organisation have research and development needs? Would you like to offer a thesis topic or idea to one of our students? Is mentoring something that you could offer to support beginner professionals? Get in touch to find our more.

Get in touch!

Do you have ideas, requests or feedback on our alumni activities? You can send them to our Communications Unit: