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Diak graduates give Finland’s highest recommendations for their education

The lower and higher degrees of the Diaconia University of Applied Sciences are clearly the most recommended when compared to other Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences. This can be seen in the report carried out by Viivain Ltd's Osviitta® information service, which is based on the answers received from career monitoring surveys of universities of applied sciences.

“I am delighted of the result. At Diak, we invest in the quality of teaching, student services and guidance during studies. We are a higher education institution of encounters, and for us, the student is always number one. It is great to see that the work we do with full heart is reflected in the results”, says Elina Juntunen, Rector and CEO of Diak.

Diak’s Student Union in O’Diako is also happy and proud of the result.

“Good working life skills and the courage to develop work and oneself are a significant part of the well-being of the individual and the community. These are the skills we study in Diak”, says Sanja Laitinen-Lindelöf, Chairperson of O’Diako.

Diak’s field-standardized NPS, Net Promoter Score, is 33. It is the top result in the whole country. The NPS figures of the next three competing UAS’ vary from 16 to 17. The average recommendation rate for Finnish UAS’ is 12.

What is the NPS?

The NPS is a much used testimonial index. It describes how likely customers would be to recommend a product, company or educational institution to their friends or acquaintances. In the index, respondents are divided into three groups: referees, passives, and reviewers. The respondent portion of these groups can be used to calculate the NPS number of the subject of the question. Since 2020, the career monitoring survey of Finnish universities of applied sciences has included a question that makes it possible to calculate the NPS recommendation index: “How likely would you be to recommend your education to others?”.

The answer scale for a question is always 0-1, where the referees give 9-1, the passive 7-1, and the reviewers 0-1. NPS is obtained by subtracting the percentage of reviewers from the referees and multiplying the number by a hundred.

The results are based on a report carried out by Viivain Oy’s Osviitta® information service, which compiled the results of career monitoring surveys of UAS’ for 2019 to 2023. During this period, the career monitoring survey was answered by graduates who finalised their studies between 2013 and 2018. All data in the report is retrieved from the Finnish National Agency for Education’s Vipunen information service in January 2024.

What is the career monitoring survey?

The career monitoring survey is conducted annually for graduates who obtained a BA or a MA degree five years ago from one of the Finnish UAS’. The survey examines the qualitative aspects of the degrees. Graduates are asked for example, whether they have been employed in a field corresponding to their degree.