Welcome to the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Social Services!

New students admitted in spring 2018 will find information on starting their studies on this wegpage.

First steps

1. Confirm your study place

Confirm your study place by using the link on your confirmation email or by logging in to the Oma Opintopolku / My Studyinfo service. You need to confirm your study place by 10 July, 3pm (Finnish time) or else you will lose it.

Accepted but unable to confirm your place? If you have enough points to get admitted, you can confirm your study place before all results of the joint application have been published if

  • you have been accepted to your highest preference
  • you have been accepted to one of your lower preferences and cannot be accepted to higher preferences (the result for the higher preferences is, for example, failed).

All results of the joint application are published by 28 June 2018.

Before confirming your study place, be aware of the one study place per term provision.

Please note that if you have to pay the tuition fee, you will be notified of this separately.

2. Register for the academic year 2018–2019

After confirming your study place, you have to register as attending or non-attending for the academic year 2018–2019 by 10 July, 3pm (Finnish time). Register as attending or non-attending at the Oma Opintopolku / My Studyinfo service.

If you are unable to register using the service, please use this registration form.

Please note that you can only register as non-attending for your first academic year on certain legal grounds.

3. Submit copies of your educational certificates

If you did not submit copies of your educational certificates (the ones that you used in the joint application process) to Diak when you sent your application, submit the copies to the Study Office as soon as possible, by 10 July 2018 at 3pm, either by email or by post.

4. Read through the materials below

To ensure a smooth start for your studies, have a good look at the material we have compiled for our new DSS students.

Your first day on campus will be Monday 27 August 2018. You can find your schedule on our schedule tool Lukkarikone by searching with your group code A45dss.

You may also be interested in applying for study grant.