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Accessibility and equality at Diak

Accessibility and equality are important values at Diak. We work hard to guarantee our students equal opportunities and access to our facilities.

Special arrangements

As a Diak student, you have a right to get special arrangements for your studies. The personal study plan should state any special arrangements that you might require. In order to have such arrangements made, please contact the study guidance counsellor on your campus.

Visit the special arrangements page to find more information on the possibilities during studies.

However, if you require interpreting services, you need to obtain them yourself.

Students also have the option of using the support services Diak provides.

Special arrangements at retakes

Are you looking for information about special arrangements when retaking exams? Click to the retaking exams page.

For more information on special arrangements, please contact Senior Lecturer, Student Counsellor Maarit Heusala: +358 (0)40 509 0357,

Special arrangements in entrance exams

If an applicant desires special arrangements in the entrance exam, the applicant must request the required arrangements in writing; the request may be free-form.

After receiving an invitation to the entrance exam, the applicant must immediately submit his/her request for special arrangements to Diak’s admissions office. A medical certificate or an expert’s opinion concerning the disability or illness and an explanation of the required special arrangements must be appended.

The UAS will inform the applicant of the special arrangements that can be made.