Study entitlement

Study entitlement (also: study right) refers to a period of time during which a student can take the study modules he or she has enrolled on.

A student may lose his or her study entitlement for two reasons:

  1. if the student has not registered for the academic year either as an attending or non-attending student in the way required by the UAS
  2. if the student has not completed the programme within the recommended duration plus one year. For example, if the recommended duration of your degree programme is 3.5 years, you are expected to complete it within 4.5 years.

If you lose your study entitlement for one of the above reasons, you have to reapply for it from Diak in order to continue to study. Complete the form on the Forms page and hand it in to your guidance counsellor in order to get their statement. The application is subject to a €50 administrative fee.

The decision on the reinstatement of your study entitlement will be taken by the Vice Rector.

A student who has lost his or her study entitlement can appeal the decision to the UAS Board. The appeal must be submitted within 14 days of being notified of the decision.

Extension of the study entitlement

If you believe that you will not graduate within the recommended time, you can apply for an extension in order to complete your degree. An extension can be granted if the student has no more than 60 ECTS worth of studies remaining (see Degree Regulations).

Use the form to apply for an extension.

Withdrawing from studies

Withdrawal means that the student leaves the UAS and no longer wants to be registered as a student.

Students who are thinking of leaving should first contact their study guidance counsellor.

You must notify the UAS of your withdrawal by using the separate form on the Forms page. The notification must be signed by the student and his or her study guidance counsellor.