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Use the right channel

As a Diak’s student you have access to several different communication channels. Here are some instructions on what kind of information you can find on different channels. We also go through some ground rules on how to choose the right channel.

Diak’s multiple communication channels might seem like a lot. However, each of the channels has its own purpose. By choosing the right channel you can make sure to get an answer as fast and as smoothly as possible.

Using Diak’s e-mail

Diak’s personnel use an e-mail address with an ending and students with an ending Remember to use your student e-mail when taking care of things related to studying. It is handy to have all e-mails related to Diak on your student e-mail instead of your personal e-mail. You should follow your Diak e-mail regularly so you will get all the important information.

Before e-mailing teachers about information related to a specific course, you should check if you can find the same information on Diakle. If you have questions about how to complete a certain course, please write it on the Diakle page instead of e-mailing it: someone else might be thinking about the same question!

Student support and services’ contact information

From the Support and services page you can find contact information to all our student services. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Study offices: or for exchange students (registration for the academic year and enrolment for study modules, study entitlement, diplomas and diploma attachments, transcripts of records)
  • ICT services: (problems with audiovisual equipment, problems with user IDs, equipment, software)
  • Student counselling: Pihla Nortela, +358 (0)46 922 0260, (Students may talk to a counsellor in confidence about their personal study plan or any issues concerning studies.)
  • Library and information services: library organises for example workshops for information retrieval useful for thesis writing. Please find the contact details and opening times of libraries at Diak Finna.
  • Diak’s contact information:

Note! By contacting the right place and the right person, you can make sure that you get the answer to your issue fast.

Save time by using Tuudo app!

Tuudo is a user-friendly app which brings together the most important services for students. Tuudo has the electronic student card that you can use by adding your picture for identification. Transcripts, timetables, campus maps, menus for student restaurants, Diak’s news, service directories, available jobs and placements are also available on Tuudo.

  • You can download Tuudo for free on Google Play and AppStore.
  • Among Tuudo, it is also important to follow Diak’s other communication channels.

Diak’s website provides information

On Diak’s website you can find all the information you need, such as:

Diakle news and Diakle course pages

Please send your questions about a specific course directly on the Diakle page of the course or the teacher responsible for the course.

News published on Tuudo will also be updated on the front page of Diakle except for jobs and placements which will only be published on Tuudo.


Through the MyDiak system you can:

  • check your study entitlement and update your contact information
  • go through your study plans
  • plan your studies and timetables together with a student counsellor
  • register for studies
  • give feedback about the courses you have taken part in
  • follow and comment on your study related contracts at the contract bank
  • follow and check transcripts
  • submit an RPL application and follow its progress
  • register for semesters
  • inform about graduating and apply for a diploma
  • book equipment and spaces, you need for studying
  • make an appointment with a study counsellor
  • edit the synchronization of Outlook an MyDiak calendars
  • download electronically signed certificate of registration and transcript of records

Directions on how to use the systems

Diak’s directions -page has all the instructions on Diak’s systems gathered. If you have a problem that you can’t find an answer for, please contact the ICT support at

Become a Diak ambassador!

The Diak ambassadors are Diak’s student ambassadors, recounting their studies on Diak’s social media channels, making school visits, and representing Diak at events. Learn more about becoming a Diak ambassador and sign up!