Programme will make you a competent nurse capable of supervising and caring for patients with different levels of health issues

Degree title: Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing (registered nurse)

Extent: 210 credit points (ECTS)

Duration: 3,5 years

Admission: from 5 until 19 January 2022

Studies begin: autumn 2022

Where to study: Helsinki (contact teaching). Apply on

Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Health Care, Nursing

Offered jointly by Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (Diak) and Arcada University of Applied Sciences (Arcada), the 3,5-year programme will make you a competent nurse capable of supervising and caring for patients with different levels of health issues.

You will acquire a skill set to operate in a variety of healthcare settings, from open counselling centres to intensive care units.

Based on caring and nursing science, the curriculum includes multidisciplinary elements from natural sciences (such as anatomy and physiology, medicine and pharmacology) as well as social and behavioural sciences.

The studies are conducted in close co-operation with working life through, for example, projects carried out both individually and in groups.

Extension studies enable you to deepen your expertise development in the specialty area of nursing. You can combine both theoretical and practical aspects in areas such as child, adolescent and family nursing or polyclinical care.

The degree will qualify you as a Registered Nurse with EU competence. You can choose to work with children, youth, adults or elderly in Finland, the rest of the Nordic countries or further abroad.

Finnish/Swedish language requirement

Applicants are required to have skills in either Finnish or Swedish. The minimum requirement is level B1.2 on the Common European framework for languages.

Only applicants who in their application have marked that they have the required language skills are invited to the exam, in which language skills are tested. Applicants do not need to send in any certificates proving their Finnish/Swedish language skills.

Entrance examination

The information regarding the entrance examination will be updated onto this site by October 2021.


See the curriculum of the programme.

We reserve the right to make changes to the curriculum.

Study plan

Study year 1: Health promotion, patient safety and evidence-based care (60 cr)

  • Introduction to university studies (5 cr)
  • Professional English (5 cr)
  • Anatomy and physiology (5 cr)
  • Medication administration and patient safety (5 cr)
  • Clinical care i: Basic clinical care (5 cr)
  • Nursing finnish (5 cr)
  • Medicine i (5 cr)
  • Evidence-based care (5 cr)
  • Clinical practice: basic care (5 cr)
  • Society and legislation (5 cr)
  • Clinical care ii: medical and surgical care (5 cr)
  • Health care and health promotion (5 cr)

Study year 2: Clinical competence and professionality (60 cr)

  • Nursing swedish (5 cr)
  • Clinical care iii: Anesthesiology and intensive care (5 cr)
  • Nursing ethics (5 cr)
  • Medicine ii (5 cr)
  • Clinical care iv: Home care and outpatient care (5 cr)
  • Clinical care v: Care of women and children (5 cr)
  • Clinical practice:
    • internal medicine and surgical care (15 cr)
    • home care and optional studies (15cr)

Study year 3: Rdi and project competence (60 cr)

  • Clinical care vi: Crisis, addiction and emergency care (5 cr)
  • Clinical care vii: Psychiatric care (5 cr)
  • Clinical practice:
    • learning and tutoring in health care and nursing (10 cr)
    • psychiatric nursing (10 cr)
  • Leadership and service design (5 cr)
  • Theory of science and research methods (10 cr)
  • Thesis work 1 (5 cr)
  • Thesis work 2 (5 cr)
  • Thesis work 3 (5 cr)

Study year 4: Deepened nursing competence (10 cr theory + 20 cr practical = 30 cr)

  • Extension studies of student’s choice (10 cr)
  • Extension studies practical training (20 cr)