Diak admissions info

Thinking about applying to Diak? Application period is in spring every year. Get to know our bachelor’s and master’s degrees in health care and social services that are taught in English on the Degree programmes page.

You’ll find information about schedules, eligibility and entrance exams on specific subpages. And don’t forget to check out FAQ about admissions!

Joint application

Most Finnish higher education institutions use the joint application system. It allows the applicant to apply to up to 6 study programmes at once.

The joint application process covers university and university of applied sciences degree programmes. 

The joint application form is filled at Studyinfo portal. The Studyinfo portal hosts information on all education programmes organized in Finland.

In the joint application process, applicants click the Apply button to fill in a single digital application form. Applicants may apply to a maximum of six programmes.

You cannot fill out the application form while you are logged into the system. Please log out of the Studyinfo portal before attempting to fill out the form.

Separate application to MA Degree Programmes

MA Degree Programmes taught in English, MA Degree in Global Health Care and MA Degree in Community Development and Conflict Resolution, are not in the joint application.

You can apply to these MA Degree Programmes in a separate application. Read more in the subpages.

Diak programmes in the Studyinfo portal

For information on the Diak programmes in the Studyinfo portal, click here or enter Diaconia University of Applied Sciences in the Search for study options field to display all the Diak programmes in the portal.

You can filter the results by using various criteria, such as the application deadline.


If you are dissatisfied with the student selection decision, you can appeal the decision within 14 days of when the results of the student selection were announced. For more information on the process, please see our FAQ on admissions.