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Come study at Diak open UAS

Open UAS offers modules from the study module offering of Diak’s regular programmes. It is suitable for learners of all ages and educational backgrounds. We invite you to take a look at what we have to offer!

Explore our selection and come study with us: open UAS course selection and enrolment.

Welcome to Diak’s open UAS!

What is open UAS?

By studying with open UAS, you can

  • supplement and maintain your professional skills
  • work towards a degree
  • develop your knowledge and skills according to your personal interests
  • find yourself an interesting and challenging hobby!

With open UAS, you can take almost all the same study modules as students in our regular degree programmes.

You can focus on a specific field or take a combination of courses from different programmes to suit your personal interests and goals. The study modules are subject to a fee, which is determined by the number of ECTS credits you wish to earn. For further information, see the Tuition Fees page.

Diak’s open UAS offers study modules starting in autumn or spring as well as some with mid-year entry.

Studies for persons who have fled the war in Ukraine

Diak offers study opportunities for Ukrainians through the Open University of Applied Sciences (Open UAS). 

The fields of study include nursing in Bachelor level and social services in Bachelor and Master levels. Read more about the study opportunities.