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Diak Master School

Build a future in line with your values!

At Diak Master School, you can acquire high-level expertise in your field without compromising on the values you hold. The School brings together Diak’s advanced UAS degrees.

The Diak Master School programmes prepare you for development and leadership in the social and health care sector, the church sector and the interpreting sector. We offer Master’s degrees that provide not only in-depth expertise but also exceptional interpersonal skills and ethical competence. As a graduate of Diak Master School, you will be an expert who is in touch with your values.

The Master School is designed for our students. It has been developed with the needs and goals of our students in mind, and we support you at different stages of your academic journey.

We offer two MA Degree options in English. The next application period has not yet been confirmed. Find out more about the joint application process!

Become an expert in global change

Master’s Degree Programme in Global Change and Community Development prepares you for interdisciplinary work to reduce inequalities and promote sustainable development, health and well-being in communities.

Become an expert in people-centred health services

The People-centred and Innovative Leadership in Health Services degree programme prepares you for work that promotes health and well-being, reduces inequalities and establishes people-centred health services through an interdisciplinary approach.

Support and services

We want to support you on your study path. Read more about our student support and services!