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Become an expert in global change

Degree title:
Master of Health Care
Master of Social Services

Extent: 90 credit points (ECTS)

Duration: 1,5 years

Application period: No application period in 2024.


Master’s Degree Programme in Global Change and Community Development prepares you for interdisciplinary work to reduce inequalities and promote sustainable development, health and well-being in communities.

The Master’s degree programme is aimed at people who work in public health care and social services or in third sector and who are interested in developing communities with the approaches of sustainable community development, distinct perspectives of eco-social approach and innovative and collaborative leadership.

Degree programme focuses on:

  • global change in communities
  • sustainable development
  • community-based work and methods.

In addition, you can choose elective study modules of Eco-social change and social innovation and Innovative and collaborative leadership.

After completing the Master’s programme, you will be able to:

  • analyse and critically evaluate global changes in communities
  • develop and promote community-based work and methods
  • analyse different perspectives on sustainable development and the eco-social approach and its relevance to current debates on global, regional and local challenges.

Innovative and collaborative leadership studies promote intersectoral leadership and co-creation competences in the field of social and health care services in community development.


Please see current eligibility criteria on the Eligibility webpage.


You can see the detailed curriculum here.

The study programme consists of 90 ECTS credits:

  • Advanced Professional Studies (20 ECTS)
    • Common studies to the Master’s programmes
  • Advanced professional studies in Social Services (20 ECTS)
  • Elective studies (20 ECTS)
    • Eco-social change and social innovation (10 ECTS)
    • Innovative and collaborative leadership (20 ECTS)
    • Evidence-based and people-centred health services (20 ECTS)
    • Studies from partner institutions (20 ECTS)
  • Thesis (30 ECTS)

Tuition fee and scholarships

Please consult the tuition fees and scholarships webpage.