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Entrance examinations

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Individual arrangements for entrance examinations

You may submit a separate application to request the right to individual arrangements for taking an entrance examination.

The application should indicate the types of individual arrangements being requested and the grounds for the request. You should enclose copies of the certificates to which you make appeal. As a general rule, the statements should be not more than five (5) years old. The application contains more detailed information about the attachments.

Individual arrangements for entrance examinations are specific to each programme choice and valid only on a specific examination date. Procedures indicated by good governance must be followed when making the decisions. You will receive a notification (not a decision) about the individual arrangements sufficiently early before the entrance examination.

Any attachments to applications for individual arrangements shall be secret.

Bachelor’s Degree Programmes in Social Services and Health Care, Nursing

The instructions for requesting individual arrangements can be found at

Requests must be submitted by 25 January 2023 before 3:00pm Finnish time.

If an issue entitling an applicant to individual arrangements emerges or is identified between the end of the application period and the entrance examination date, the applicant must submit an application for individual arrangements to the admission services of each university of applied sciences arranging the entrance examinations that he or she intends to take without delay.

Diak may deny an applicant the right to individual arrangements if such arrangements are impossible to implement, for example because of schedule-related reasons.