JOO studies at Diak

You can apply to take JOO (flexible study entitlement) study modules at Diak if you are a degree student at one of the following higher education institutions:

  • HUMAK University of Applied Sciences
  • Turku University of Applied Sciences
  • Yrkeshögskolan Novia
  • Åbo Akademi
  • University of Turku.

Who can qualify as a temporary JOO student?

To qualify as a temporary JOO student, you must be a Bachelor’s, postgraduate or exchange student and registered as an attending student at your home institution.

Your chosen JOO studies must qualify and be transferred towards your degree, which means that they cannot be taken after graduation.

JOO study entitlement cannot be granted to students who have an existing degree study entitlement at Diak.

JOO studies are free of charge for students: your home institution undertakes to pay the tuition fees when it approves your JOO application.

The JOO study entitlement is effective from the date on which Diak approves the application. Your study entitlement will be valid for the period specified in the decision but not for longer than 2 years and in any case only as long as you are a degree student at your home institution.

Attending study modules

JOO students attend study modules at Diak in a normal way and take same studies as Diak degree students.

JOO studies cannot be taken to earn at degree at Diak.

Students who have a flexible study entitlement have access to the same support services as Diak students have. Instructions on starting the courses and user IDs for access to Diak services are issued in conjunction with the approval of the JOO application.

Students should apply for student financial aid in a normal way, i.e. via their home institution for the degree they are pursuing at that institution.

Application process

Applications for courses starting in autumn close on 30 April. Applications for courses starting in spring close on 31 October.

Applications for JOO study entitlement should be made using the joint form of the participating UAS institutions. A single form can be used to apply for study entitlement in a single Diak programme or campus.

The student must get the approval and supporting statement of his or her home institution for the form. Each UAS institution decides on a case-by-case basis which JOO studies are supported.

If the student’s home institution supports his or her application, it will submit the form on behalf of the student to the centralised JOO office of Diak at Turku campus.

If Diak approves the application, it will notify the student and his or her home institution about the granted study entitlement. The decision and instructions on how to enrol will be sent by email.

Information about JOO studies at Diak is available in the study guide (link). Open UAS studies are not part of the JOO agreement.

Credits and transcripts

When you have finished your JOO studies, please request a copy of your transcript from the study office of Diak Turku campus.

The awarded credits will be transferred by your home institution and accredited towards your degree according to the guidelines as studies completed at another institution.