Entrance exams: Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Social Services

The entrance examination will take place at Diak Helsinki campus, Finland, on 24–25 April 2018 (one day per applicant; the exact date for each applicant is included in the invitation letter).

It is not possible to take the entrance exam anywhere else. Diak does not engage in entrance exam co-operation with other universities of applied sciences.

We encourage all our international applicants to check in advance whether they need a visa to travel to Finland and what the conditions are for obtaining a visa from their country to Finland.

All applicants who had demonstrated their eligibility were invited to the entrance examination. The entrance examination places emphasis on aptitude for the field by assessing motivation and social, learning and work skills.

Three parts in the exam

The entrance examination consists of three parts

  • English language test (pass/fail)
  • written part based on an article (see below, 1–30 points) and
  • group discussion (1–40 points).

Applicant’s language skills will be evaluated in a language test included in the entrance examination on a pass/fail basis. An applicant who has failed the language test is excluded from admission.

The written exam is based on the following article:

Harri Kukkonen (2016): Imagined future – elements of a good first-year student experience. Journal of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences.

Applicants must prepare for the written exam by reading the article. They are not allowed to have the article with them during the exam.

Each part assessed in the group discussion must be passed with a score of no less than 2 points.

The final admission will be based solely on the results of the entrance examination. The maximum score for the entrance examination is 70 points, and the minimum acceptable score is 30 points. Each part assessed in the entrance examination must also be passed with a score of no less than 2 points. Those admitted are also required to have a suitable health status for the field.