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Separate application to BA in Social Services

Degree title: Bachelor of Social Services

Extent: 210 credit points (ECTS)

Duration: 3,5 years

Tuition fee: 12 000 € (more information about tuition fees and the exempting documents on this page)

Admission: Separate application from 13 May (8am) until 27 May (3pm) 2024, apply at

Admission quota: 20

Studies begin: 19 August 2024

Separate application to Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Social Services

The degree programme trains students for a variety of tasks in social service field in Finland and in international contexts.

The specific focus of the programme is on community development work, with emphasis on people’s participation and empowerment, and on identification and fight against different forms of discrimination in societies.

Please read the detailed info about the degree programme on this site.

Applying in separate application

You can apply to this Bachelor’s programme in a separate application that takes place from 13 May until 27 May 2024 at the Studyinfo Service. The application closes on 27 May at 3:00pm (EEST).

Entrance examination

Student selection is made on the basis of an entrance examination held on 3 June 2024 at Diak’s campus in Helsinki, Finland (Kyläsaarenkuja 2, 00580 Helsinki).

All applicants will receive an invitation to the entrance examination by email after the application period has ended, on Tuesday 28 May at the latest.

The entrance examination will include tests in written and spoken English and academic writing. There is no pre-reading material for the exam. It is not possible to take the exam online.

You need to bring your own laptop and charger to the entrance examination. You cannot take the entrance examination without a laptop that works. You will have the opportunity to charge your laptop during the exam.

Applicants need to pass all parts of the entrance examination to be offered admission.

Accepted ID documents

Your identity will be checked before the exam. The following documents are accepted as proof of identity:

  • passport
  • Finnish identity card with a photo, issued by police
  • Finnish driver’s licence
  • another EU/ETA country identity card with a photo

An expired passport or identity card is accepted if its validity has expired on 3 June 2023 or later. The applicant has to be identifiable on the document’s picture. A residence permit card is not accepted as proof of identity.

Individual arrangements for the entrance examination

You may submit a separate application to request the right to individual arrangements for taking the entrance examination. The request must be submitted during the application period before 27 May, 3pm Finnish time. Apply for individual arrangements with this form.

The application should indicate the types of individual arrangements being requested and the grounds for the request. You should enclose copies of the certificates to which you make appeal. As a general rule, the statements should be not more than five (5) years old.


Applicants do not need to have an English language proficiency certificate. The language skills will be tested in the entrance exam.

Eligible applicants for degree studies in a university of applied sciences have completed:

  • the studies required for graduating from the Finnish upper secondary school or a Matriculation Examination;
  • an International Baccalaureate (IB) degree;
  • a European Baccalaureate (EB) Diploma;
  • a Reifeprüfung (RP) or Deutsches Internationales Abitur (DIA) degree;
  • a Finnish vocational upper secondary qualification covering 120 credits or 180 competence points or a corresponding earlier Finnish vocational degree covering at least 80 credits;
  • a Finnish post-secondary or higher vocational level diploma;
  • a Finnish vocational upper secondary qualification or a further or specialist vocational qualification as a competence-based qualification, or a comparable previous qualification;
  • a foreign qualification that provides eligibility for higher education studies in the country in question;
  • Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, postgraduate licentiate and doctoral degrees.

Applicants’ eligibility is verified as part of the application process after the entrance examination.

Health and functional capacity required for studies

Applicant who applies to the field of Social Services and Health must consider whether his/her health condition enables his/her successful practical studies and work placement. Requirements concerning the health and functional capacity can be read at

Based on the applicant’s notification filed at the application stage, the university of applied sciences may require more detailed health status information to assess whether the student will be able to manage the studies and which reasonable support measures may be required.

Admission results

The admission results will be published by 4 July 2024 at service. The offered study place has to be accepted by 11 July 2024, 3pm.

Please note that you can only accept one higher education offer of admission to a study programme starting in the same academic term (1 August to 31 December 2024).

Conditional student selection

The student selection is conditional until the applicant’s eligibility is verified after the entrance examination.

The study place is conditional until the university of applied sciences has processed and evaluated the health information on the student which is required for assessing their eligibility for admission.

The university of applied sciences may withdraw the applicant’s place of study,

  • if the certificates are not submitted within the time limit indicated by the university of applied sciences
  • if the applicant has provided incorrect personal information
  • if it is obvious that the student’s health or functional capacity does not meet the requirements for student admission (Universities of Applied Sciences Act 932/2014)
  • if the student has withheld information on a previous withdrawal of the right to study (Universities of Applied Sciences Act 932/2014).