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Master’s Degree Programme in the Development of Interpreting Practices

Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (Diak) and Humak University of Applied Sciences (Humak) are the only two higher education institutions in Finland training interpreters in sign language and alternative and augmentative communication.

Diak is the only university of applied sciences with training for public service interpreting.

Diak and Humak provide a joint Master’s Degree Programme in the Development of Interpreting Practices.

The programme prepares students for expert roles in the development, research and management of sign language interpreting. Graduates from this programme can pursue careers in interpreting agencies, education and expert roles in higher education and NGOs.

The focus is on a broad-based expertise of the interpreting field and the associated business environment and the underpinning principles of service accessibility, ethics and internationalism.

Students will be introduced to an investigative, developmental and innovative approach to the management of change processes in professional practice, and develop skills in networking and applying their competencies in national and international settings.

The programme helps students build lifelong learning skills as well as professional interaction and communication skills.

Upon successful completion of the programme, students will be able to advance change processes in the world of work and develop interpreting practices and associated business operations.

In addition, the programme introduces students to collaboration activities between commissioning organisations, service providers, agencies and interpreters.

Specialised competence areas covered in this programme are

  • the development and management of commercial interpreting services
  • changes in the operating environment and service structures; digitalisation
  • advocacy and influencing
  • research, development and innovation.

Degree title: Master of Humanities

Extent: 90 credit points (ECTS)

We offer this programme currently in Finnish.