Master’s Degree Programme in Value and Community Based Development of Work (in Finnish)

The Master’s Degree Programme in Value and Community Based Development of Work focuses on church community work and education, spirituality, religions and communities.

Students are prepared for expert, development and management roles in church community work and education as well as multidisciplinary networks.

Expertise in church community work requires the ability to lead and develop practice in complex and unpredictable operating environments. Professionals working in health, social care and education increasingly need broad-based competencies in order to deal with questions related to religion, values and ethics.

The programme is designed to respond to the challenges of the changing work environment of the church and society at large.

The programme has an international perspective. Some of the modules can be completed at partner institutions overseas (Norway, Czech Republic, Joint Master Programme), and the programme may feature lectures given by guest lecturers in a foreign language.

Upon successful completion of the programme and supplementary teacher education modules, graduates are also qualified for teaching positions in the aforementioned fields.

The programme does not provide a qualification for work as a parish coordinator for early childhood education and care or youth work; these qualifications can be earned in conjunction with the relevant Bachelor’s degree programme.

Degree title: Master of Social Services

Extent: 90 credit points (ECTS)

We offer this programme currently in Finnish.