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Separate application to a degree programme

If you have completed at least 59 ECTS credits’ worth of open UAS studies that correspond to a particular programme, you can apply to the degree programme in question via the separate application process.

The next application period based on the Open UAS studies will take place in Spring 2023. You can find more information on this site.

The separate application process

Complete the separate application form at On the application form you can specify a maximum two choices in the order of preference. It is recommended that your first choice is the programme in which you have taken your path studies.

All applications submitted by the end of the application period are reviewed prior to student selection. Credits and grades completed as a path student in Diak are checked from the Diak study register. Applicants who have completed their studies in another open UAS will need to attach an official transcript of records to their application showing the credits completed in the Open UAS as well as the grades.

Before the end of the application period, the Admission Services will ascertain that a suitable study place can be offered to you at the specified campus. You will be contacted if a suitable study place cannot be offered to you, or if a suitable study place can be offered to you on another one of Diak’s campuses.

Studies eligible for separate application

The required eligible studies can be completed at any open university of applied sciences. The studies must be relevant to the programme to which you are applying and correspond with the Diak curriculum in question.

Studies completed at a UAS as a degree student or at a open university are not eligible for the separate application process.

Admission and starting your studies

Student selection is made on the basis of study success. If necessary, an interview will be held for applicants to assess suitability according to a separate schedule. Applicants whose native language or school education language is other than Finnish will be tested using a separate Finnish language test before the final selection decision.

Before the start of the programme, a personal study plan will be made to each student selected via the separate application.

Eligible open UAS studies can be accredited towards the degree to the extent that they correspond with Diak’s current curriculum and degree requirements.

Diak cannot guarantee that all studies needed to complete the degree will be offered at the student’s chosen campus every year. For that reason, your study schedule may deviate from the standard order of courses.