Tuition fees and cancellation

The tuition fee is €15 per one ECTS credit. Larger packages often have a set discount price, which can bring the price per credit below €15. Make sure you check the final price when you enrol.

Alternatively, you can pay a full semester’s fee which enables you to take any number of courses delivered in that semester (the study module start and end date must fall within the semester dates) without a limit on how many credits you can earn.

With regard to packages containing study modules that extend over a period of more than one semester, this option requires you to pay the full semester’s fee for each semester in which you study.

Make sure you check which option works out cheaper for you: the full semester’s fee or paying per individual study module.

Select your preferred fee option when you enrol. All fees are invoiced at the start of the course.

Other costs

In addition to tuition fees, some courses may involve other costs for materials, supplies, etc. Any additional costs are specified in the study module’s description. They are not included in the tuition fee and are payable separately.


You have the right to cancel your course enrolment. Cancellations must be made in writing to the open UAS office.

Diak reserves the right to timetable changes and lecturer substitutions as well as course cancellations, for example, due to a low number of registrations.

Terms of cancellation

You can cancel your enrolment without a charge until the end of the enrolment period. If you cancel after the end of the enrolment period but before the study module starts, the cancellation fee is half of the price.

If you do not cancel your enrolment and do not attend the course, you will still be charged the full price. The full price of the study module is also payable if you drop out in the middle of the study module.

If you cancel or drop out due to an illness which substantially affects your ability to study, the tuition fee or cancellation charge may be waived fully. In this case, you will need to provide a medical certificate that states your inability to study.

Send the certificate to the Student Affairs Office of the unit responsible for the study module in question.