International exchange for degree students at Diak

As a degree student at Diak you have a possibility to complete a training or student exchange period abroad.

The minimum length of the exchange is normally three months, and the goal is to complete 5 ECTS credits’ worth of studies per month.

An exchange period is an opportunity to acquire skills and experience needed in the global environment and today’s world of work. It can promote cultural awareness, knowledge of sustainable development and professional expertise.

As a rule, an exchange period should usually not prolong the duration of your studies.

Read the information on these pages, send your application or contact the international office for more information!

It is never too late to go global.

Where to go and how to apply?

All students who have sufficient language proficiency, have completed the requisite modules and meet the applicable health requirements can apply for Diak’s student exchange programmes. Please note that missing assignments normally lead to the rejection of the application.

After receiving the application, the international coordinator will interview the applicant. Diak offers a range of exchange destinations in Europe, Asia and Africa.

See also the instructions on how to apply.

Contact us!

If you have any questions, please contact Diak’s international office:

The international office is located in the 2nd floor of Kalasatama campus. The opening hours are on Mondays and wednesdays 10-12 and on appointment. Note! No consultation on week 3.