Alumni – you are important to us!

As a former student or employee of our higher education institution, you are an important part of Diak’s network and contacts with the world of work. We invite you to share your expertise and network with other professionals of your field as a member of our alumni community and with our current students.

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Alumni activities at Diak

Our alumni activities are focused around our extensive educational and seminar offering. Alumni are invited to attend our events both as participants and expert contributors.

The alumni activities are a great way to network, build contacts and meet old friends.

Collaboration with the world of work is an important part of the operating culture of our higher education institution. As representatives of their fields and regions, alumni are ideal partners for us in industry cooperation, projects and research. By bringing together our expertise, we can find new ways to make the world a better place.

We invite you to get in touch and send your development ideas and requests regarding alumni activities.

The alumni network

As a Diak graduate you are a member of our alumni community. By registering as an alumni, you get our newsletters and access to seminars (by video link) from anywhere in the country or the world.

Our alumni community and activities form an extensive network of experts. The alumni network is a great way to pass on tips and new information. Local matters can be shared in local alumni groups on Facebook.

The alumni network can also help you find old school friends and new collaboration partners!

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Professional development

Professional development and work practice require continued education. Your alma mater is happy to help you with any further education needs. We offer a range of opportunities from seminars to events.

You can also get a tailor-made education package for your workplace organisation. In addition we can offer guidance and consultation on improving work practices.

We welcome all alumni to join us and develop their competences and professional skills with a lifelong learning perspective!

Research and development

Does your workplace organisation have research and development needs? Would you like to offer a thesis topic or idea to one of our students? Is mentoring something that you could offer to support beginner professionals? Get in touch to find our more.

Get in touch!

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