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Mentoring programme

Mentoring is the guidance and support that a more experienced person gives to an evolving mentee. In Diak’s mentoring programme, the mentor is an alumnus and an actor is a Diak student in the final stages of their studies.

The mentoring programme has been developed in collaboration with an alumni. The goal of Diak’s mentoring programme is to provide the student with a travel partner from Diak’s alumni who acts as a companion on the eve of this challenging stage in life, transition from being a student to entering to the working life. Alumni support is important peer experience for a student.

Mentoring programme is a good opportunity for development also for the mentor. As a mentor, the alumni can reflect on their own skills and professional growth and challenge themselves while being able to support the actor in professional transition. Meetings can also be arranged remotely. If necessary, Diak will support the mentoring process between the mentor and the actor. You will receive a certificate of participation in the mentoring program.

The mentoring programme lasts for one semester and includes about five meetings. The process begins and ends with a joint meeting of mentors and actors.

Schedule for the Spring 2024 mentoring programme

  • Register for the mentoring programme. Actor-mentor pairs are formed based on the themes selected in the registration form.
  • Joint kick-off meeting on August 27th, 2024, from 4 pm to 5.30 pm (remotely).
  • Five live or remote meetings between the mentor and the actor scheduled based on their needs.
  • Joint meeting and distribution of certificates to mentors.
  • Contact: