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Student wellbeing gets the spotlight! Take a survey to make an impact on student support services

Marketing illustration for student survey.
Student, take a survey and get your voice heard regarding student support services! Services for student support and wellbeing will be developed based on the survey results.

Would you like to help us develop better support and counselling services for students? Take a student survey and help us improve the services according to students’ needs! The survey is a part of Wellbeing Through Counselling project that promotes the wellbeing and sense of community of university students.

Answering the survey takes approximately 15 minutes. The survey is open until the end of October 2021.

Take the survey here or use the QR code above!

The responses are collected anonymously. Identifying an individual respondent is not possible. If you leave your contact information (email) at the end of the survey, you will enter a raffle for movie tickets!

Help us make a positive change

The survey data is used to investigate the need for both individual and group support and counselling services from the students’ perspective. It is our aim to develop these services based on students’ concerns and wishes.

Wellbeing Through Counselling may pass on students’ wishes that surface in the survey data to universities, student unions and related organizations. The target group of this survey are the students enrolled in Wellbeing Through Counselling partner universities (over 36 000 students in total).

The survey results will be published this fall on the project website!

Please send any questions or concerns regarding the survey via email to:

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The Wellbeing Through Counselling project is administered by Diaconia University of Applied Sciences; other participants include Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK), Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, University of Oulu, Turku University of Applied Sciences, and the student unions O´Diako, TUO and KAMO, as well as organisation partners Nyyti Ry and Diakonissalaitos/VAMOS. The project receives funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture. The project is active from April 6th 20121 until December 31st 2023.