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Blended Intensive Programmes Abroad

Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Programmes (BIPs) are short, intensive programmes that use innovative ways of learning and teaching that combine collaborative online learning exchange and teamwork with an intensive week at the partner institution.

Diak’s students can apply to BIPs which are coordinated by Diak’s partner institutions. By participating in BIP, students will earn a minimum of 3 ECTS that will be recognised as a part of their degree. Participation in the intensive week at a partner institution is supported by an Erasmus+ Mobility Grant.

BIPs are a way to learn something valuable while having an impactful international experience in a short period of time!  The upcoming BIPs and the application process will be informed on this page.

BIPs in Spring 2024

  • Social Policies and Welfare, 7,5 ECTS
    • Online kick-off 15.1.2024 at 13:15-15:00
    • Intensive Week at Malmö University, Sweden: 30.1.-9.2.2024
    • Elective course in Social Services programmes
  • Introduction to Public Health, 3 ECTS
    • Online 29.1.-5.2.2024
    • Intensive week at VID in Oslo, Norway on 12.-16.2.2024
    • Nursing programmes in English: BIP can be included in EXT course
      Nursing programmes in Finnish: BIP can replace course Terveyden ja hyvinvoinnin edistäminen
  • Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), 5 ECTS
    • Online kick-off: 23.1.2024 at 15:00-18:00 CET / 16:00-19:00 Finnish time
    • Intensive week at VID in Stavanger, Norway on 4.-8.3.2024
    • Elective course in Master’s Degree Programmes
      Elective course in DSS Programme
      Elective course in Sign Language Interpretation
  • Ethical Reflections on Mental Health, 3 ECTS (Mielenterveys-, kriisi- ja päihdetyön perusteet or Mental Health and wellbeing in Diak)
    • Online kick-off: 4.4.2024
    • Intensive week at EvH Bochum, Germany on 22.-26.4.2024. (arrival on Sunday 21.4., departure on Saturday 27.4.)
    • Participants will be selected from the courses “Mielenterveys-, kriisi- ja päihdetyön perusteet” and “Mental Health and Wellbeing”. Students can register for these courses in MyDiak.
  • Global Session 2024 – Youth Under Pressure: Promoting Health and Wellbeing in an Age of Multiple Crises (link to 2023 programme until further notice), 3ECTS
    • Online kick-off: TBC
    • Intensive week at Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland on 27.-31.5.2024
    • APPLICATION open until 1.3.2024
    • Elective course in Master’s Degree Programmes, Social Services Services Programmes and Nursing (in English) Programme
    • Public Health Nursing students: This course replaces 2 ECTS of ERI-studies and 1 ECTS can be included in elective studies

BIPs in Autumn 2024

  • Positive Health & Resilience, 3 ECTS
    • Online schedule to be confirmed
    • Intensive week at Karel de Grote in Antwerp, Belgium on 26.8.-6.9.2023
    • Application open until 22.3.2024
    • Elective course in Social Services Programme (in English and in Finnish)
    • Elective course in Nursing programme (in English)

Application at Diak

Diaks’ students can apply to the Blended Intensive Programme by completing the APPLICATION FORM in Mobility Online. Please follow this website for application periods which depend on the host institution of each BIP.

Selection criteria:

We will take the following issues into account in the selection of participants:

  • Motivation to participate (Answer to the question in the application form: Why would you be a good candidate for the intensive program?)
  • Language skills
  • Timing and content of the BIP are in line with the study plan of the student.
  • Study success and progress
  • Priority is given to students who have not yet taken part in Erasmus mobility and who have fewer opportunities to participate in Erasmus programme activities.

How does the registration at the host institution take place?

After student is accepted to the BIP by Diak, students will receive instructions for registration at the host institution and further steps.

Learning Agreement

The Learning Agreement is a compulsory document, which will be signed by the student, the host institution and Diak.

Learning Agreement will be made in Mobility Online and students will receive instructions from Diak International Office.

Erasmus+ Mobility Grant

Participation is supported by Erasmus+ Mobility Grant of 79 €/day for the intensive week at the host institution + 2 travel days.

Possible extra grants: 

  • The participant is entitled to the green travel grant when the main part of the travel or at least one direction of the round trip has been made using low-emissions means of transport (train,​​ carpool and/or bus).​​
    • Green Mobility for sustainable arrival and departure, one-off 50€.
    • Green Mobility up to 4 additional travel days (79€/day) with proven use of a sustainable means of transport.
  • Students can apply for fewer opportunities grant of 100 € + travel support (ca. 180 €-275 € depending on the distance) with the following conditions: disability, health obstacles (e.​g.​ severe illness,​ chronic disease), refugee status, social obstacles (e.​g.​ underaged children,​ caregiver).

How do I apply for Erasmus+ grant?

Students apply for Erasmus+ grant in Mobility Online after completing the Learning Agreement. Grant will be paid approximately in 2-3 weeks after completing the grant application.


Travel Arrangements

Is the journey organised? How do I get accommodation?

Students organise their own travel arrangements. If necessary, the host institution will provide information about accommodation options, but a booking is not automatically made by the host institution. Please make sure to arrive a day before the intensive week begins. 

Do I need a travel insurance? 

Diak has insurance cover for exchange students provided by LähiTapiola Ltd. Please note that luggage is not covered by Diak’s insurance. We recommend that students also obtain their own travel insurance for additional coverage.

  • Important: Please note that if you are not a member of the Finnish social security system Kela and you don’t have permanent residence in Finland, Diak cannot provide travel insurance for you. In this case, you should obtain travel insurance coverage for the entire exchange period, including travel from Finland to the destination and back.

Contact information

For more information, please contact