Exchange studies at Helsinki campus

Diak offers studies in English in the field of social services at our Helsinki campus.

Study modules in the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Social Services

The Bachelor of Social Services Programme prepares students for various roles in social services. Studies in English and the multicultural study group offer students an opportunity to interact and learn in a genuinely international learning environment. Diak also has some co-operation in secondary level.

The specific focus in the study modules is on community development work, having emphasis on inclusion and empowerment, different forms of discrimination in societies and how to combat them.

Students learn about social work and social policy issues from the Finnish, European and global perspectives and develop skills in social analysis. We can try to organize practice placements but they are not guaranteed.

Courses available in Spring semester 2018

2nd semester

4th semester

6th semester


In the Autumn semester, you can choose from the course offerings of the 1st, 3rd and 5th semesters. Most students take courses in the 3rd semester. Detailed information is provided in the curriculum.

If you wish to participate in the modules of the Social Services programs, we recommend that you choose from our basic (B) and professional studies (P).

Health care studies

Unfortunately we do not currently offer health care studies in English. However, work placements are available.

Blended learning as a mode of study

Studies at Diak are organised according to the blended learning model, which means that studies are practical, theoretical and to some extent also completed online.

In blended learning, learning processes are structured in a variety of ways and include distance learning as well as face-to-face contact.

The studies cover current research as well as practical work, and the study process is both individual and community-based.

In the online environment, key elements include community-based interaction among students and personal analysis of professional development.

For more information about the pedagogical guidelines for studying at Diak, check out the modes of study page.

Language studies

Diak does not offer courses in Finnish for beginners in the spring semester, but you can study the OLS language online course in Finnish. Contact your home university’s coordinator for further information.

If you wish to a complete language course, we may be able to find a suitable one, but please note that we also offer free language tutoring, language cafes etc. at Diak. Every autumn semester a basic course in Finnish language is being organised.