Areas of expertise

In research, development and innovation, Diak’s specific areas of expertise include

  • social inclusion
  • evolving multiculturalism
  • smart health and social services
  • religions in communities.

Social inclusion

Social inequality has risen, and the challenges relating to inclusion and participation have evolved. In a changing society, it is important to develop new approaches in the promotion of social inclusion.

Diak produces knowledge and methods that can be used to promote inclusion at the individual, community and societal levels. We facilitate multidisciplinary cooperation between different actors and services to promote greater social inclusion especially of the most vulnerable members of society.

Methods and services are made available to service developers, decision-makers and the public at large both in domestic and international settings.

In addition, we develop interpreting services with the aim to facilitate interpersonal communication for all, regardless of the method of communicating.

Evolving multiculturalism

Around the world, societies are becoming more diverse and pluralistic. Diak develops national and global learning environments relating to multiculturalism, diversity and pluralism.

We promote access to education and employment opportunities for populations with a migration background and work on integration with our partners.  We steer local and regional innovations towards international project consortia.

In addition, we produce data relating to evolving multiculturalism for decision-makers and government officials.

Religions in communities

Diversification of society also applies in churches and religions. All religious communities, including the Evangelical Lutheran Church, must find their place in a world where religion tends to play a more limited role in people’s lives.

On the other hand, religious life is becoming more diverse, for example, as a result of immigration. Religions are said to be making a comeback, and people are increasingly interested in their influence in society and culture.

The findings and outcomes of Diak’s research and development activities can be utilised by church communities to identify new approaches and develop a culture amidst social changes.

We produce solutions and models that promote religion- and value-based thinking and help to strengthen dialogue and communality between cultures, religions and beliefs.

We study the role of religion in public society and people’s everyday lives on one hand, and the work and functioning of religious communities as part of society on the other hand.

Smart health and social services

In Finland, public services such as health and social care are provided by central, local and (soon) regional government. In addition, services are provided by private sector operators, the church, and various other organisations and NGOs.

Diak develops solutions that promote cross-sectoral cooperation and support the structural reform of the service provision system. We build models to determine what types of structural and multidisciplinary cooperation provide the best end results from the customer’s point of view. We work with decision-makers in areas such as the preparation of legislation.

We produce data and solutions aimed at promoting the active role of customers in health care and the service provision system. We promote opportunities for all population groups to take responsibility for their health and lifestyles, make choices in their personal health promotion and participate in the planning, delivery and evaluation of their care.